We love Caterina’s Club

Trading Places Donation Check

Caterina’s Club is an Anaheim, California-based charity founded by a very special man with an enormous heart, Sir Bruno Serato. Recipient of the “CNN Top Ten Heroes of the Year” designation, Bruno’s untiring efforts to ensure that the many children who call the Anaheim-area motels “home,” never go to bed feeling hungry. He accomplishes this by making and delivering pasta dinners to the “Motel Kids” (as he calls them) each and every day.

The employees of Trading Places could not resist the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to his charity, especially after Sir Bruno made a personal appearance to speak to the team members about his cause.  Since that day, TPI’s generous employees have been toting bags of spaghetti and marinara sauce to the office to help fill Sir Bruno’s pantry.

On January 30, the over 500 pounds of spaghetti and marinara sauce donated by TPI’s staff was delivered to Caterina’s Club – along with a generous “dessert” of $6,000 to help them subsidize the many ancillary expenses involved in his effort. Sir Bruno, (who is also Chef and owner of the famous Anaheim White House restaurant), was nearly moved to tears over the generosity of Trading Places and its staff.


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