The 6 Best Travel Sites For Saving Big

We thought this blog was very informative because it summarizes six top saving travel sites in a way that’s easy to understand. Check it out if you have a trip coming up and want to price shop or explore your options!

Travel Relapse

Lets face it, even with air travel prices continually dropping year-over-year, jetsetting around the globe isn’t exactly cheap. Most long distance flights will run about 1200USD and that’s if you decide to go in the off season and that is just the price of the plane ticket. You’ll still have hundreds more to shell out in room, board, and other miscellaneous travel expenses. There is, however, a few ways that you can save cash. First you can book early, 52 days early to be exact. Even though this is a seemingly random number a recent study has shown this is the absolute best time to buy plane tickets, no matter the season. Second, you can plan around the peak season. Going to Europe in the summer is ideal for most and because of that demand you’re going to end up spending far more than you have to. Planning to go…

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