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Why the rush? Well, it is no secret in the timeshare industry that the best exchange inventory goes first. As the New Year is quickly approaching, we are seeing high amounts of traffic for our most desirable locations including properties in Cabo San Lucas, Caribbean islands, and Hawaii.

TPI currently offers exchange services for resorts and vacation rentals in the US and internationally as well. You can browse our Exchange Availability online or speak to one of our representatives at 800-365-7617. Also, be sure to check out our Exchange Specials to take advantage of monthly travel deals. As always, our friendly, knowledgeable staff will continue to go the extra mile and assist you with all of your vacation needs.

Tips to make it easy:

  • Plan early. Our team recommends at least 10 months to make sure your request is at the top of the list.
  • Be flexible. Pick a couple desired destinations; you can request up to three destinations per deposit.
  • Correct info. Make sure your account is up to date with phone numbers and email so we may contact you.
  • Don’t waste. Deposit your week for exchange if you’re not 100% sure on where you are going this year.
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Retreat from Technology

Doesn’t the thought of taking a trip where you can fully unplug from reality sound refreshing? One of our resorts is known to rejuvenate guests by promoting a break from outside distractions.

ClubCas 0108

Designed by acclaimed architect, Edward Paul Giddings, Club Cascadas de Baja features a villa-style resort and spa ideally located on the white, sandy beaches of Cabo San Lucas overlooking the azure Sea of Cortez. As a favorable timeshare resort among our owners, it is described as having a tranquil vibe, romantic setting, and beautiful dwellings. With shady palapas along the beach, guests enjoy refreshing beverages by beach side waiters and lounging in the sun. There is also a beachfront restaurant and lounge where the portion sizes are profound and dishes boast authentic Mexican flavor.

This peaceful retreat will allow you to lose track of time in the warm waters of Mexico and fully relax. Luxurious accommodations will have you sleeping soundly and admiring the architectural design that is unique to each room. If you’re lucky, a private pool or Jacuzzi could be in store. In addition, you might notice the slight absence of television and telephones from each room, as this is meant to bring quietness to the mind.

We have timeshare owners who return every year and consider Club Cascadas de Baja a second home. If you would like to view more information on this beach side paradise, please click the following areas of interest:

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