Breast Cancer Awareness 2013

According to the American Cancer Society, about one in eight women in the US will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime. Another 39,620 women will die from it.

Nearly all of us know, love, or have lost someone who has been affected by this insidious disease, which is why the employees of TPI and VRI are passionate about doing what they can to eradicate it.

During the entire month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, TPI and VRI livened up their respective offices with pink and white paper lanterns, themed gift baskets and mouth-watering baked goods, all raffled off in exchange for contributions to the Susan G. Komen foundation. The hot ticket item was “jeans day” vouchers – yes, we love our jeans! (That is, if they still fit after indulging in the decadent baked goods.)

Thankfully, the coffers were fattened up with a grand total of $1,279.25 from the generous employees of both companies. And what we hope for in return is the satisfaction of knowing we may have contributed to saving someone’s life; that we made a difference in a profound way, and that hopefully we’ve adjusted the statistics to reflect a healthy increase in future breast cancer survival rates!